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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Junonia villida Female Meadow Argus Butterfly

Common Names: Meadow Argus Butterfly, Albin's Hampstead Eye
Species: Junonia villidaFamily: NYMPHALIDAE

The Meadow Argus Butterfly (Junonia villida) is a medium sized butterfly that is surprisingly fussy about its resting position. If the sun is bright it rests with its wings in a somewhat horizontal position to absorb the rays and relax. If a predator approaches while it's sunny it will flatten its wings further to fully show the predator its warning eye spots. Alternativly if the sun is behind the clouds the butterfly will keep its wings closed. If a predator then approaches when there is no sun the butterfly will show off only the eyespots on only its forewings. This particular individual has a female colour pattern which is more drab and slightly different in arrangement to the colouration of the male Medaw Argus Butterfly.